Troy Peters’19

I am choosing to work unpaid as an investment research analyst at Goodwin Point Partners, LLC because it is an opportunity for authentic experience in the finance and investment management industry. I do not have easy access to this industry as a first-generation college student, and I believe I would thrive in this industry given my past experiences.

In the beginning of my campaign to secure a full-time position with Goodwin Point, I justified turning down another network engineering position at the MITRE Corporation— surrendering a significant stream of income—by first understanding what the professional and academic experiences I’ve had say about the kind of industry and career I want to be in. I will expand on the experiences behind this personal insight below.

After speaking with my manager, I decided I would return for another summer with the team at the same company if I could work more closely with machine-data, seeing it as an opportunity to flex my quantitative creativity. To accomplish this goal, my manager allowed me to take time during the day to independently teach myself the internal programming language of Splunk, a web-based interface that uses field-value pairing to index and parse big machine-data. Once I received the Department of Defense Secret Clearance I needed to see the data, I networked with another MITRE intern at the McLean, VA location who taught me more advanced functions in Splunk. With what I taught myself and learned from my colleague, I was able to generate visualizations relating real-time health and efficiency of the corporate video- teleconferencing network to my manager and R10N teammates. Unenthusiastic about the technical engineering aspects of networks, I carved out the niche experience I wanted.

I am confident the professional and academic discontinuities outlined above will converge this summer at Goodwin Point. In our meeting this past Monday in Goodwin Point’s 100 square foot corner office in downtown Portland, ME, Rob Southern (the search-fund manager and founder of Goodwin Point) and I finalized an official employment agreement. The agreement goes like this; as the only other employee of Goodwin Point working in the downtown office, I will work alongside Rob for 35-40 hours per week using available industry data and the microeconomic/macroeconomic intuitions I’ve acquired in my studies to build lists of potential middle market companies for Rob to acquire and run in promising industries with observable growth potential. Using the coding skill I have and my demonstrated aptitude for learning new programs and functions, I will build and execute repeatable and systematic owner outreach programs (an important function of the search-fund model).