Sally Rose Zuckert’19

I am most in my element on stage. With lines memorized to the point where they flow as easily as my own words, and relationships with fellow performers that feel natural, the pure exhilaration I feel from performing is enough to keep me elevated for days. This sense of energized focus and full involvement in something bigger than myself is where I have found the best brand of happiness in my life, as well as where I find I am most productive. And yet, being an English and Theatre student at Bowdoin has challenged me to explore opportunities that take me out of wholly comfortable environments: being an actor and a writer has become increasingly important as I seek avenues in which I may apply creativity and academic curiosity. In my search for summer employment, I discovered the Artistic Direction Internship Program at the Hangar Theatre; an intensive that I believe will allow me to devote my passion for theatre and academic skills in an inclusive and exciting way.

The Hangar Theatre in Ithaca, New York is a place that offers a comprehensive and valuable summer program focused on teaching students to merge passion with professionalism. Art is an intimate friend there, demonstrated by their ability to promote theatrical experimentation across multiple educational programs for children and adults alike, as well as their genuine enthusiasm in tackling an ambitious season (is slated to be the first American theater to stage A Doll’s House, Part II since its successful Broadway run). But what is more, the theater operates with a mission to enrich and enlighten – not unlike Bowdoin’s own. Its commitment to serving the community through quality performance and engagement is undeniable, and something I would very much like to support. I look forward to doing this by forging working relationships with creative teams, preparing research materials and presentations for use in production, and applying administrative skills garnered from my position as the Digital and Print Marketing Assistant within Bowdoin’s Department of Theater and Dance.

I believe both my academic interest and work experience in creating and executing staged work will have useful applicability to this summer’s Internship Program. I also know that this position is a great opportunity to aid diverse theatre professionals as they make meaningful decisions regarding everything from budgetary concerns and pre-production issues to casting choices and audience experience. Above all, I will discover what it means to develop and implement a broad artistic vision in a purely professional setting.