Rose Warren’20

The opportunity to intern for District Attorney, Meaghan Maloney would be a significant extension of the knowledge I gained interning for Senator Bellows. Where past experiences have helped me work with larger public service initiatives, working under the District Attorney would provide me with insight in working with individuals, creating a fairer legal system that will then benefit a larger community. I hope to attend graduate and law school after Bowdoin and if I come back to Maine, I might consider a run for state office. I believe that people from diverse backgrounds must be involved in the legal system and in politics to represent more of the population. I want to continue alleviating inequities and injustices through law and this experience would provide me with a unique opportunity to expand my skills beyond law and government and allow me to improve my advocacy skills. This experience would seamlessly combine my past experiences in the state government, with a more directed, personal understanding of the legal system.

This internship would allow me to acquire insight into the state prosecution system which would help me to determine if it is the type of law I want to pursue. Interning for the District Attorney would allow me to immerse myself in new experiences that would provide me with a unique perspective on the criminal justice system in Central Maine. I am extremely excited about interning for D.A. Maloney. She is a great role model and the first woman District Attorney for Somerset and Kennebec counties. Her background is similar to mine, growing up in central Maine and going to a liberal arts college on scholarships. She overcame economic disparity, went to Harvard Law School and was elected to the House of Representatives from 2010-2012. It would be a great opportunity to work for D.A. Maloney and learn about her path to the position of District Attorney. This summer I will be assisting the Victim and Witness Advocates in the courtroom and the restitution secretary with letters to victims. This would be amazing work in a field I am extremely interested in. D.A. Maloney is deeply committed to finding justice for victims of domestic violence and I would be honored to learn from her. If I pursued prosecution law, I would want to work in the domestic violence unit empowering victims to confront their assailants. I have experience working with constituents but advocating for victims of domestic violence would be unique and challenging. I hope to become more aware of individuals’ experiences and help them find their voice to seek justice.

Maloney worked in China for a year working with domestic violence cases. I want to do something similar after law school and work abroad, helping low-income citizens. I believe that a well-respected lawyer, like the District Attorney, yields an unprecedented amount of power, that in the future, I see myself using to benefit my constituents and protecting them with the law.