Teaching K-12.

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In addition to teaching in the classroom, education also includes informal education institutions such as tutoring and literacy training. Education opportunities include both certified and non-certified teaching positions.

Certification, or licensure, is required to teach in public schools. If you are not certified you can get a teaching position in an independent school or a teaching apprenticeship or fellowship. The field of education offers non-teaching positions as well. Private schools and colleges often offer jobs in residential life, admissions, financial aid, student activities, and coaching.

Salary Info

Salary varies widely depending on role, education level, and location. Here is a sample of 2016 median salaries from the Occupational Outlook Handbook published by the Bureau of Labor:

  • Elementary School Teacher: $55,490
  • Middle School Teacher: $56,720
  • High School Teacher: $58,030
  • Special Education Teacher: $57,910

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