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If you want to work in politics, there are a number of things you can do to make it happen. Political organizations and campaigns hire people to work in a range of areas including as spokespeople and handling media relations, polling and research, fundraising, logistical organizing and persuading voters to turn out to vote!

Start now.

Join a Bowdoin organization and get involved in campaigning and advocacy work here on campus or here in Maine.  Specific experience managing or organizing people, researching issues, getting out the vote, and managing the operational responsibilities associated with a campaign, an issue, a party, or a candidate will be very important on your resume.

Use your summers and your winter breaks.

From your local city council to your Senator, there is a chance to connect with a politician in your home district or help an organization promote its cause with voters.  College student volunteers can help with a variety of tasks — anything from answering phone calls or correspondence from voters to using Facebook or Twitter to publicize issues and messages to researching and drafting position statements and knocking on doors.  And, yes, getting coffee and making photocopies, too. (Find the elected officials who represent you here).

Reach out to alumni in jobs that interest you.

This has a double impact: you will learn more about the nature of the work, the hiring cycle, and the kinds of traits that are valuable.  And the alum will keep his or her eyes open on your behalf and will be likely to forward job openings they hear about to you. Learn how to connect with alumni here.

DC political jobs often hire quickly, which means you should spend senior year networking with alums in the area and organizations that interest you.  You can research and apply for jobs all year, but get ready to be very busy with your job search in April and May.

Maine’s congressional delegates from both political parties and their staffers know Bowdoin well.  Use LinkedIn to search for alums in DC, or who have worked for a political cause or figure you admire, and begin your inquiry there.


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