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Good marketing is part art, and part science.


The goal of marketing is often to increase sales of a product or service, or to create or enhance a public image for an organization or cause. Sound Fun?!

  • Have you noticed the emotional connection you associate with certain companies’ products and services?
  • Have you found certain consumer product packaging strangely “attractive”?
  • Did you notice that your 3-year-old cousin can identify a Best Buy or Walmart sign, and they can’t read?

From market research, to brand management, to direct marketing, to product management, to search engine optimization (SEO), to public relations, there are a multitude of job functions and areas of expertise that help an organization be successful. With pressure for growth and the constant evolution of technology, these are exciting times to be involved with marketing.


Gaining experience in marketing while still a student at Bowdoin College will greatly improve your ability to land a full time opportunity upon graduation. It is also critical to helping you determine what job functions in the field or industries you might enjoy and decide to pursue. There is no better substitute for gaining perspective than experience.

  • Take advantage of your breaks and summers and seek out internship opportunities as well as shadowing opportunities.
  • One should consider taking on marketing responsibilities for clubs and organizations that you are involved in.
  • Seek out student employment opportunities that allow you to develop different marketing related skills.
  • Look for local marketing employment opportunities with local organizations or companies that will support remote access arrangements.
  • Educate yourself and learn about the field by monitoring and reviewing industry web sites and blogs.


For a primer on the field, be sure to read the Vault Career Guides for Marketing and Brand Management and review the different facets of marketing.

Consider checking out for a ton of information.

 Industry Websites
Industry Blogs
Job Boards for Marketing Opportunities
Also, great broad search site like…

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