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Careers in marine and coastal sciences encompass a broad range of fields, with ever increasing interest and attention being paid to issues of energy, climate change, waste disposal, biodiversity and sustainability. Your work environment might bring you to the deep sea, on the ocean, on coral reefs, on icebreakers, on a river, knee-deep in mud, in underground caves, in laboratories, in business meetings, at the White House, on a glacier, in outer space, and in your backyard.

Salary Info

Salaries vary widely depending on role, geographic location, and level of experience. Look at specific roles in the the Occupational Outlook Handbook, published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Do your research to get a better sense of what specific companies in particular cities are paying entry-level employees. Check out Glassdoor and to get an idea. Also, a cost of living calculator can be very useful when trying to compare salaries in different parts of the country.

Organizations and Alumni

Student research – both on and off campus, during the academic year and in the summer – and national fellowships, such as the Fulbright Study/Research Grant, are great ways to gain meaningful experience in a specific area of earth and oceanographic sciences. Also, RIT maintains a really comprehensive list of summer programs and resources.

Marine and Oceanographic Organizations


Summer institutional fellowships to consider:

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