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Insurance is everywhere. It is likely the most ubiquitous contractual agreement in the world. In the U.S., every car we see is mandated to be insured; every building open to the public is, too. Businesses insure their property, operations and personnel against loss. Individuals use forms of insurance to protect their income and secure their future and that of their families. With this much insurance in our society, is it any wonder that there are 14 insurance companies in the Fortune 100?

In the insurance world you will find many of the job descriptions you’d find in other major business. There is sales, marketing, product development, HR, finance and administrative support. There are also a number of positions unique to insurance such as claims, actuarial and underwriting responsibilities.

Salary Info

Do your research to get a better sense of what specific companies in particular cities are paying entry-level employees. Check out Glassdoor and to get an idea. Also, a cost of living calculator can be very useful when trying to compare salaries in different parts of the country.

Organizations and Alumni

Bowdoin Career Planning regularly posts positions from such leading insurance providers as:


  • Business Skills Programs
  • A great breakdown and overview of the positions one might find in the Insurance industry can be found at the comIndustries section. Reading job descriptions on eBear and LACN search engine is also a great way to become acquainted with Insurance jobs. Keyword ‘Insurance’ on the Jobs page and see what comes up.
  • By googlinginsurance jobs, you’ll be offered a host of search engines that let you search by many criteria, including state you’d like to work in, level of experience, type of work within the field and type of insurance. On most of these sites you can create a search agent to send you jobs that match the criteria you’re interested in. This can also be done on eBear to alert you of new positions as they are added.
  • The Alumni Database and LinkedIn are brimming with hundreds of Bowdoin alumni who would gladly give you some time for a networking discussion or informational interview. Please refer to the Networking and Using BCAN guides to help you get started.

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