Environmental Policy.

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The environmental policy field focuses on advancing public policy that improves our management of the environment and natural resources. Through extensive research on both scientific and legal issues in areas such as climate change, pollution, energy, land use, and wildlife, environmental policymakers guide the creation of new legislation aimed at better addressing environmental conditions.

Today, the environmental policy field is growing rapidly, due in large part to substantial population growth, declining environmental conditions, and advances in sustainable technologies.

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Positions in environmental policy span government , the private sector, international organizations, research groups, and nonprofits and NGOs. Positions include: legislators, legislative aides, public agency and department heads and staff, lobbyists, policy analysts and research analysts. Some of these organizations include:

Private Sector

Research, Nonprofit and NGOs

International Organizations

U.S. Federal Government

State Government

Each state has its own department of Environmental Conservation. Examples:

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