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Farming, fishing, and forestry are some of the oldest professions on earth, and they are alive and strong today. There are many fields that relate, including food science, conservation, landscaping, engineering, horticulture, biology, wildlife management, and wetlands science.

There are many careers for graduates with a bachelors or masters degree. If you are primarily interested in doing research, you will need a doctorate in the appropriate discipline. First things first: get some experience working on a farm, in a forest, or with fish.

Salary Info

Salary varies widely depending on role, educational level, and location. Here is a sample of entry-level median salaries according to

  • Forest Aide: $24,748
  • Agricultural Inspector: $43,092
  • Forest and Conservation Worker: $51,826
  • Botanist: $43,092

Here is a sample of 2016 median salaries from the Occupational Outlook Handbook published by the Bureau of Labor:

  • Agriculture and Food Scientist (advanced degree): $62.920
  • Conservation Scientist and Forester: $60,610
  • Agriculture and Food Science Technician: $37,550
  • Farming, Fishing, and Forestry Laborers: $23,510

Organizations & Alumni

Farming & Agriculture

If you are interested in farming, join the Bowdoin Organic Garden Club or apply for a summer internship at the farm.

There are many area farms looking for help, particularly in the summer months.

At the doctoral-level, you could do research. Cooperative Extension programs nation-wide are responsible for much of this work. You can review programs and job openings here.

Fishing and Aquaculture



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