Timothy Diehl


Timothy is responsible for strategic leadership and management of Bowdoin Career Planning. He supervises the Career Planning staff and resources and advocates for Career Planning to trustees, alumni, and parents. Timothy is the liaison to Bowdoin faculty, the Office of Student Affairs, and Alumni Development staff. He also advises students, particularly juniors and seniors, in the areas of Pre-MBA, consulting, and finance.

After completing his undergraduate degree, Timothy worked as Assistant Director of Admission for Carnegie Mellon University before enrolling in graduate school.  After receiving his MBA, he went on to work with various consumer package goods companies in the New York City area as a brand manager and new products consultant, including Georgia Pacific, Unilever, and The Dannon Company.

In Summer 2006, Timothy returned to his career roots by accepting a position in Career Planning at Bowdoin College.  In July 2007, Timothy assumed his current role as Director of Career Planning with the goal of making Bowdoin Career Planning a point of distinction at the College.

Outside of the office, Timothy enjoys skiing and exploring New England.  He has a passion for culture and travel, both domestic and foreign.

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