Noah Rothman’19

I will serve as an active member on the campaign team, and by coordinating grassroots efforts and working with upper-level staff I will get an unparalleled look at what it takes to win a high- stakes election. I have done academic research on elections but no ‘R’ algorithm can offer the knowledge supplied by 12 weeks of on-the-ground experience. Indeed, this experience is instrumental for my career prospects. After this summer, I will have the necessary background to compete for exciting post-graduation work in Washington DC. Moreover, I will be able to build connections within the King organization, connections that will serve me well in the world of progressive politics that so interests me.

In particular, I am interested in elections— another reason for my excitement about the internship with Senator King. I have studied elections in depth through my Bowdoin courses, covering everything from the Citizens United decision to the UK’s Brexit vote. Outside of the classroom, I have done academic research on the Federal Election Commission and campaign finance. Through these experiences, I have discovered a passion for voting and representation. Policy is dictated by the people in charge, so the process of choosing those people is crucial.

This dovetails into perhaps the most important factor in my decision to take the job—I believe Angus King to be a fantastic representative. While Senator King is an Independent, he firmly aligns with my progressive values. We both believe in universal health care access. We both support a path to citizenship for the Dreamers. We both demand an active US role in the fight against climate change. In our current political environment, it is more important than ever that these values make their way to Capitol Hill.