Katie Castillo’20

Before receiving an academic mentor the fall of seventh grade, I did not know that college was an obtainable goal. My academic mentor Sabrina introduced me to a new world in which I saw the opportunities and benefits one could achieve and experience through education. I firmly believe that without the support of my academic mentor, I would not be in the position I am today to attend an elite institution such as Bowdoin College. My personal experiences have led me to intern for Chica Project. Chica Project is a non-profit organization that strives to bridge the gap between Latina students and access to academic and career resources. Chica Project focuses on closing the opportunity gap through mentoring Latinas in the greater Boston area. In addition to mentoring, Chica Project also provides self-esteem workshops and community service opportunities. As a second-generation Latina from Lawrence, Massachusetts, being a communications intern at Chica Project allows me the opportunity to give back to an organization that helps women such as myself.

The opportunity to intern at Chica Project aligns with my personal goals of pursuing a career in promoting women and girls as agents of academic and social growth. Along with my personal connection to Chica Project, the experience I received my junior and senior year of high school as an editorial intern for a local literary magazine, provides me with the tools to successfully complete my tasks as a communication intern. As an intern, I was able to learn how to effectively promote the magazine through social media and help bring awareness to an organization that gives a platform to students in the Merrimack Valley. This experience allowed me to combine my passion for my community with creative social outreach. As the communications intern at Chica Project, I will be working forty hours a week with the interim executive director and the director of social media to implement outreach initiatives. The sophisticated research and writing skills I have acquired as a sociology major will help me tackle this project to the best of my ability. I believe that this internship will provide me an enriching learning experience, connect me with partnering organizations, and further prepare me for a career in communications and non-profit work.