Harrison DiPrinzio ’18

Two of Harry’s biggest extracurricular interests are journalism and the culinary arts: “Before coming to Bowdoin, I spent a gap year working as a cook in restaurants in New York City and Paris,” and at Bowdoin, he serves as a web editor and staff writer for the Bowdoin Orient. Harrison DiPrinzio ’18 found the perfect marriage of these two apparently disparate fields at The New Food Economy, a small, “recently-started online publication for businesses in the progressive food industry.”

Harry’s duties included “participating in the story pitching process, researching story ideas, assisting editors with research and reporting, involvement with many aspects of the online publishing process,” and more. Harry independently pitched, reported on, and wrote three stories, and collaborated with staff members on many others. When not working on stories, Harry took initiative and assisted with tasks throughout the company. “There was always work to be done in terms of staying on top of food news…but also in terms of refining online ad strategy, digging into the site’s analytics, brainstorming a design and a team for a new website, and even building a long term revenue and growth model.”

Harry’s reporting expanded his own knowledge and journalistic skills as well as the publication’s content: “I heard from one person in the industry that he thinks [an article I wrote is] the most comprehensive piece of writing out there on [the] practice” of chicken culling. “I see myself continuing to report on the food industry, but I also see myself as a potential food entrepreneur…Happily, the experience has…confirmed that there’s a lot for me in the worlds of both journalism and progressive food.”