Maine Employers Career Fair

Maine employers join the Fair and share postgraduate and internship opportunities to our undergraduate students. There is no fee for participation, but your organization must have active opportunities with deadlines after the Fair.

Registration is by invitation. Request an invitation below.

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Please Note

Approval of any opportunity post and recruiting program is at our discretion. Campus recruiting is per our policy of non-discrimination. We are unable to post jobs or internships that require significantly more or less educational and professional experience than our bachelors degree-seeking candidates would have, or those with participation dates that interfere with the regular academic calendar. We are also unable to post brand ambassador or camp counselor positions, and opportunities from third-party recruiters or promoters, even on behalf of the hiring entity.

Regarding offer deadlines, we ask that employers give students at least two weeks to consider an offer, that the offer remain intact during that time, and that the time begin when the candidate student receives a written outline of the position and offer. We further ask that employers do not require the candidate student to make a decision before November 1 of the hiring cycle, but a candidate student returning from a summer internship with an offer from that employer be prepared to make a decision by October 15. We otherwise follow the NACE Reasonable Offer Deadline Guidelines, which asks employers not to put undue pressure on students.

Please understand we cannot do otherwise.

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