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Handshake is a fast and powerful recruiting platform for connecting Bowdoin students with employers. It uses cutting edge technology to better connect you with qualified candidates.

Use Handshake to:

    • post job and internship listings
    • register for career fairs
    • manage on-campus recruiting
    • advertise your events
  • message students and alumni who meet your qualifications

To recruit talented Bowdoin students, create an account with Handshake. Once you have set up your profile, search for Bowdoin College and request approval to start posting jobs and to connect with students.

Deadline quickly approaching? Please reach out to Sarah Costen with your opportunities for Bowdoin students.

Handshake Employer Approval Guidelines

We look forward to reviewing your request for approval as a partner school in Handshake. In order to streamline the process, please:

  • Fill out your employer profile completely and include your website address. We understand that some of our employers may be start-ups and we recommend that you still include a company contact on your website that we may get in touch with should we have further questions.
  • Match your company information on your website with what you filled out on Handshake. Please make sure that you include valid contact information and that your address, phone number, etc. it is up to date.
  • Use email addresses with a domain that matches the domain of your website. Including personal addresses such as Gmail on your Handshake organizational profile is discouraged.

Note: Organizations that have either been flagged on Handshake or companies that we come across that have complaints on websites such as BBB, Glassdoor, etc. will not be approved. Companies that ask our students to pay any amount for employment will also be denied.

Pro Tip: Include as much information as you can on types of job opportunities, company culture, and any other information that you feel may be helpful for students to read before they apply. The more information you provide, the more likely qualified candidates will find you.

Other Programming

Graduate & Professional School Fair

In coordination with Bates and Colby Colleges, showcase your opportunities for continuing education. This fair convenes in October and visits all three schools over two days.

Maine Employers Career Fair

Share your Maine-based opportunities with our talent to make Maine their home. Participating employers may only recruit to keep our talent in state. This fair convenes in February.
More Information

Visit Maine: Bowdoin, Bates & Colby

Make the most of your visit to Maine. We regularly partner with Bates and Colby Colleges to strengthen the reach and impact of your recruiting efforts in northern New England.

Please Note

Approval of any opportunity post and recruiting program is at our discretion. Campus recruiting is per our policy of non-discrimination. We are unable to post jobs or internships that require significantly more or less educational and professional experience than our bachelors degree-seeking candidates would have, or those with participation dates that interfere with the regular academic calendar. We are also unable to post brand ambassador or camp counselor positions, and opportunities from third-party recruiters or promoters, even on behalf of the hiring entity.

Regarding offer deadlines, we ask that employers give students at least two weeks to consider an offer, that the offer remain intact during that time, and that the time begin when the candidate student receives a written outline of the position and offer. We further ask that employers do not require the candidate student to make a decision before November 1 of the hiring cycle, but a candidate student returning from a summer internship with an offer from that employer be prepared to make a decision by October 15. We otherwise follow the NACE Reasonable Offer Deadline Guidelines, which asks employers not to put undue pressure on students.

Please understand we cannot do otherwise.

Please contact Sarah Cotsen with any questions.

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