Emma Bezilla’20

I have loved stories since childhood, when my parents read to me before bedtime, but I first became serious about writing and publishing as a possible vocation while in high school. There I was both a writer and Arts Editor for the school newspaper, and Editor-in-Chief for the culinary magazine. Through those experiences, and more recently as Layout Editor for The Bowdoin Orient, I have begun to imagine a future as a writer and an editor, as one who brings the written word to life for wider audiences.

In the Introductory and Advanced Fiction Workshops at Bowdoin, laboring over my own stories and those of my classmates, I have come to better understand both the writing process, the relationship between a writer and her work, and the editor’s task of making the author’s voice speak as clearly and eloquently as possible.

My love for design began in seventh grade when I read a book about the history of fonts. My graphic design work for the newspaper and culinary magazine in high school focused on teaching myself the rules of design—white space, grids, font pairings, photo dominance, and more. Now at The Bowdoin Orient, I get to spend over twelve hours each week leading a team in doing what I love: designing balanced, attractive pages that complement both each other and the paper’s content.

I have also been fortunate to work during the year and over the summer as a Publications Assistant for the Office of Communications, where I have gained experience working in an office environment managing databases and designing content for the College such as posters and Orientation materials.

I want to take the skills and gifts I have developed thus far in writing, editing, and design, and apply them to the publication of books, which continue, despite all the cultural forces working against them, to testify to the weightiness and perseverance of something beautiful that you can hold in your hand while it shapes your mind.