Eliza Goodpasture ’18

From her work in the 1708 Gallery in Richmond, VA, to Bowdoin’s own Art History courses and galleries in Smith Union, Eliza has gained plenty of academic and professional experience with art. However, she hopes to work more with historical, rather than contemporary, art and to explore digitization and other technologies used by art history institutions. Eliza found an internship that suited her goals in the Administrative Department of the Frick Art Reference Library, a branch of the Frick Collection art museum.

At the Frick, Eliza managed research and digital resources across multiple publications, including creating a Tumblr blog to accompany an upcoming exhibition. “I managed the project, wrote and edited posts, designed the blog’s layout, and contributed significant research.” She also researched and wrote multiple Wikipedia pages as well as a lengthy, scholarly research blog post. “To do this, I visited the New York Public Library’s main branch and used primary source documents from the late nineteenth century to contribute original research.”

Eliza used the research skills and academic curiosity she has gained at Bowdoin to make her internship successful. “One challenge was that my work was highly self-directed—my supervisors wanted me to spend my time doing what I was interested in pursuing….However, once I got my bearings, I loved having the freedom to spend time on topics that fascinated me….My internship at the Frick cemented my passion for art history and confirmed my desire to work in a museum. I can now pursue that goal with certainty and more knowledge of what lies ahead for me.”