Danaé Hirsch ’09

Major: International Relations, Romance Languages
VP of Operations–Americas Private Equity and Credit, Third Bridge



“I often joke that my job is the liberal arts job of the world. Every day, you’re working on 5-6 deals that can range from the music publishing industry in France to hot distressed names in US retail. Because of my liberal arts background, I’m able to seamlessly jump from topic to topic and engross myself in what I’m working on at the moment.

Specifically, my Government and Romance Language majors have helped both open my mind to the various intricacies of how our world functions and appreciate how everything is tied together. When working on deals, you’re often thinking about who all the stakeholders are in the industry and why our clients are looking into a specific target, name, or sector. Being able to look at an industry from that liberal arts mindset helps me see how everything is interconnected and fits together. From there, I can make a better decision when determining the angles we should focus on.”