Chelsea Gross ’13

Major: Anthropology, Economics
Associate Director of Client Strategy: Beauty Division, L2 Inc.

“My training in both Anthropology & Economics have been hugely beneficial to the first couple years outside of Bowdoin. A basic understanding of the impact of culture has been the backbone of my retail forecasting. I have traveled across Europe and South America for work and frequently present to global retail teams – all of which require an ability to identify consumer (cultural) trends. On the quantitative side of my job, research firms are moving in the direction of data-first insights, and Economics provided me with the training in Excel required to leverage data to support business decisions. Over the years, I’ve seen recruiters at my own companies and elsewhere increasingly prioritize candidates with quantitative training. Interestingly, my honors thesis in Archaeology has also trained me well for a career in retail. I spent hours in the Archaeology lab working with pieces of glass and ceramic from an excavation at Joshua Chamberlain’s house and had to pull out stories from seemingly routine items. At research firms, you are constantly tasked mapping business decisions into understanding strategy and as it turns out, all these hours in the lab were perfect for developing my ease of story-telling.”