Amanda Rickman’20

When I was fifteen years old, I started my first business – making and selling swimsuits. Marketing intrigued me; it combined my creativity and intellectual curiosity and allowed me to curate a vision – creating something from nothing. To me, marketing is all about innovation and creation, it is both an art and a science, and that is why I want to pursue marketing in my future career. I want to vision, strategize, and create and do so using technology. 

My internship for summer 2018 with Stewart’s Automotive Group in Kingston, Jamaica allowed me to work with and market various brands including: Mercedes- Benz, Jaguar, Land Rover and Suzuki. In Jamaica, most private sector companies do not offer internships to students, so I reached out to Stewart’s Automotive Group and the company agreed to create an unpaid internship for me. At times, it was extremely stressful, particularly because I was doing the exact same work as the full-time employees. I promoted brand engagement through digital marketing, creating photo compositions and video content to encourage consumer interaction. I also employed my love of writing and anthropology by creating interesting written content to increase audience participation and used data science skills to analyze trends in consumer behaviour and interaction from social media platforms. Furthermore, I helped to curate public company projects and events. 

I learned a lot about myself, and about the professional world. In fact, I learned a lot more from the hurdles of this experience than I have from my previous experiences that were all smooth sailing – and for that, I am truly grateful. Whether it’s as a future employee or employer, I’m better equipped with the tools to navigate difficult situations without compromising the task at hand. This internship has also piqued my interest in my major – anthropology, as I better understand how local political, socioeconomic and cultural factors create a unique professional realm. Jamaica is a very interesting place to live and work, and I want to do ethnographic research at some point during my Bowdoin career to uncover the foundations behind this environment.