Amanda Banasiak’20

This summer, I was given the opportunity to pursue my love for art history and learning why certain paintings speak to me and inspire me at Walker Fine Art in Denver, Colorado. 

Coming into the summer, I had no experience working in the art world and simply wanted to dip my toes into what it meant to work at a gallery. Instead, I did much more. I created a blog for the gallery, managed the gallery’s marketing on Artsy, interviewed artists, curated online exhibitions, reviewed artists’ statements, created an exhibition theme and a press-release for these exhibitions, created proposals for designers and corporations, and built relationships with clients and artists. 

Not only have I learned what it means to run a small business, I understand more about my relationship with art and why I have decided to major in art history. I am most proud of the blog that I have created and will continue to write for throughout the year with the guidance of the gallery manager. The blog has given me a creative outlet and reinforced my love of writing. I have been able to research and write about the art in the gallery, as well as art outside of the gallery (nationally and internationally), connecting what I have learned in my classes at Bowdoin to the contemporary artists who we represent. While it will be difficult, I believe that pursuing a career in which I can write about art is something I would enjoy.