To Make Hosts of Friends

Who are to be leaders in all walks of life.


William DeWitt Hyde, the College’s seventh president, may not have imagined the extent to which alumni continue to practice the aspirations he spells out in the Offer of the College. “To make hosts of friends” understates our Polar Bear network, the same one students and alumni consult in navigating professional life.


Their undergraduate years are certification of potential. Nurture their prosperity and guarantee that of your network by launching another Polar Bear’s career.
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The Bowdoin Career Advisory Network connects 6,000+ students, alumni, and parents, all of whom are dedicated to helping Polar Bears explore and advocate for their next steps.


Tell your story to students who aspire to be you. There are many ways to get involved next time you are on campus: career conversations, mock interviews, speed networking, and more.
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Our student resources remain available and relevant to strategize your next move, whether you want to move up or move on. Recent graduates can also meet with our advising team.
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