Adira Polite ’18

At the Innocence Project, Adira Polite ’18 worked largely independently to correspond with clients, conduct legal research, and prepare case evaluations. Her mentor was often out of the office, but “luckily, I was able to use her frequent absence to my advantage. I pushed myself to search for answers to my own questions and dove headfirst into my duties.” Under the direct mentorship of another staff attorney, she also assisted in active investigation of eyewitness claims, gaining first-hand experience in the complexities of legal and criminal procedures.

Adira’s time with the Innocence Project was taxing, but satisfying. “Frankly, the greatest challenges centered on my own emotional wellbeing. Day after day, those involved in the Innocence Project remain strong in the face of injustice. It is difficult to leave the weight of this work in the office at the end of the day.” However, despite its challenges, Adira’s internship renewed her commitment to criminal justice reform.